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Auto Manufacturer

One of the rarest modern plates is the Auto Manufacturer. It is also little known to collectors and state DMV officials alike. When Volkswagen opened their plant in New Stanton, PA, they needed plates. Instead of the state making a truly new type, they pulled a sequential block of numbers from the “New Car Dealer” type. Why many of the DMV officials don’t know they exist is because when they ran the numbers, it came up under the New Car Dealer series. Although there are Auto Manufacturer samples on the 1984 reflective glass bead yellow on blue plate, no plates were ever issued and/or made outside the original 1977 base issue. Quantity made and issued is unknown, probably around 200 plates. The plant was closed by mid-1988 so the latest sticker expected to appear on an Auto Manufacturer plate would be 1988.

1979 - 1988

Notes Number Plate Personalized Plate Sample Plate
Observed serial range: A38-893A - A38-953A

All plates measure 6" x 12"

Manufactured in Pennsylvania prisons

Issued in singles

Colors: dark blue on gold

From John McDevitt
Not offered on this format
(Plates never produced on this base)
From Paul Bagnarol